Saturday 7th May 22
Saturday 7th May 22

Saturday 7th May 22

We’ve had an amazing 24 hours of artistic and engineering genius. Firstly eating chips while staring at the 3 bridges crossing the Forth. The iconic railway bridge, a gorgeous iron red, a long suspension bridge very like the one crossing the Humber and then the most modern like a spiders web, delicate strands of cables radiating from two central pillars. Next the Kelpies at Falkirk. Two huge horse heads made from hundreds of metal pieces put together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle but still with the fluid elegance of life. I was quite overwhelmed by them. We then moved on to the Falkirk Wheel. A beam that moves canal boats in huge tanks of water 35 metres up and down. It was the elegance of the structure and cleverness of the design that got me. It only takes the power of 8 kettles boiling to move these tanks up and down! It is pure genius. It’s good when something relatively newly built can quickly become adopted and loved. We are truly a nation of engineers and artists, and I like to think the lines between the two are somewhat fuzzy!

The Falkirk Wheel

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