Tuesday 4th January 2022
Tuesday 4th January 2022

Tuesday 4th January 2022

Christmas is done. Christmas was good. New years resolutions thought about, discarded as all too hard. Keeping a plan of exercise where I can see it, and trying to write down/plan what I eat so I don’t have to hunt around for things at the last minute. If I do have to eat on the hoof, I am not very imaginative so always end up having toast or cereal. Had a look at the old diary of meals from when I did lose a bit of poundage and realised once again that to lose weight, you have to eat like a bird – seeds and balls of fat! Like a fairy – honey and nectar which is mostly sugar. Like a non stressed, at peace person who is realistically trying to maintain a healthy diet but the portion sizes need to be sensible. Oh, like that, yippee! Enough said.

Mike and I are still working out how to do the retirement thing. We have quickly decided that we need structure in our lives, so we are taking it in turns to get up and make coffee at a reasonable hour. Of course Mike tends to wake up first, so that’s a good rule to live by. I must also still try to make it a priority to exercise, as I feel SO much better when I do.

And the writing … I always battle with the winter blues round about now and so I am always ready to throw in the towel. But I know not to make any life changing decisions in January and February so hopefully I will get on with something constructive soon.

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