Christmas Blog Saturday 18th December 21
Christmas Blog Saturday 18th December 21

Christmas Blog Saturday 18th December 21

Its the usual Christmas Saturday. A crib service rehearsal, where they’d changed the locks on the church so I couldn’t get in! Then I couldn’t find the right key because church wardens have such large bunches of keys. Everyone is feeling under the weather and quite a few of the children couldn’t make the rehearsal. We’re not even sure whether to hold it inside or outside. But ‘Wot, no donkey!’ is still going to be fun. There’s a wonderful mix of extremely competent teenagers, some really brave first timers and some super cute 2 year olds. I’m trying not to get excited but currently not managing very well.

I am now cleaning the kitchen floor. A very important part of the Christmas preparation even though it only lasts two minutes. The Christmas tree is looking decidedly droopy and we are all praying like bananas that the family won’t test positive in the next few days. We did manage to get another test kit so at least we’ll be able to check. For twenty-four hours after you do feel less anxious and I do want to look Granny and Grandpa in the eye when they arrive for Christmas day.

I used to dread Christmas but gradually over the years I have re-found the joy of it. And though I do love presents, it is the people and incidents that you remember or look forward to. Our 33 year old daughter trying to be grownup about gifts but stipulating that she would still like a stocking please! That I don’t put up the stockings until everyone has gone to bed even though they’re all over 30! That I’m hoping the Grandchildren will put out something nice for the reindeers that Mike will have to take a bite out of, (he’s never forgiven me for the year when I only had a parsnip left!) That anything important now has to wait until after Christmas and organised though I am I still have a couple of presents to sort and some important cards to write.

Hold it all lightly in case we have to cancel!!!! Not on your nelly. I’m holding as loosely as I can, but my fingers are gripping tightly as if my life depended on it.

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