15th January 21 – Blessings and Ploughing On
15th January 21 – Blessings and Ploughing On

15th January 21 – Blessings and Ploughing On

Blessings: Easiest to simply list them. New granddaughter by cesarean, (which is surprisingly hard to spell), and she is beautiful, Mum and Dad doing very well. Back is getting better by the day. Love Devizes Pastoral Support is hardly being used at all, which I’m hoping means that people have lots of their own support in place. Our paramedic trainee daughter moved to the Worcester station which seems to be going really well and only involves a thirty minute commute as opposed to an hour and a quarter, and often quite a bit longer. So much good stuff going on in our life despite COVID, and yet this has been the hardest time. Can’t seem to be able to write for love nor money, though money never figures anyway. Managed to produce three quarters of a short story, but I couldn’t end it. Started a new novel and only wrote a paragraph. And then to cap it all managed to wear odd earrings, which I didn’t notice all day! That’s like forgetting to put your watch on!

The writing I do in my head is quite brilliant, but when it goes down on paper it loses its sparkle. Would like some encouragement but that means producing enough of something to send to my standard bearer. Standard as in she sets the bar for me. Bearer because she listens to me moan and whinge ad-infinitum!

So time to plough on. Write anyway, regardless as to how bad I think it is. Finish that wretched short story, and if its good enough I’ll upload it, just for fun. And perhaps the opening pages of the new novel … now I’ve told you that, I’ve got to do it. Oh, and I will also check I’m wearing matching earrings! At least until I forget!

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