8th January 2021
8th January 2021

8th January 2021

This weeks blog is from my sofa. My back has gone, first time for over a year. What is the lesson? Do not stop doing your back exercises even when you feel great. Have I learned this lesson before? Yes, quite a few times. But I’m always trying to cut corners. I walk and use a cross trainer at least four times a week, and I roll down each night, but the daily back exercises gradually disappeared. Simply couldn’t be bothered and I felt fine. And up until last Tuesday I didn’t need to do the dead bug, or the pointing dog … now I wish with all my heart I’d kept them up. Persevering when its hard is often easier than persevering when you begin to lose sight of the point.

So lying here, all stiff and spasamy I’m planning my exercise routine for when the notty muscles have relaxed a little. I’m planning to eat healthily and reduce my sugar intake, try and get more sleep, drink less. I will, I will, I will …

But my life is wall to wall good intentions. The best of intentions, impossible to keep-up intentions. So, I’m going to set the goal a little lower. Make it attainable.

January – Add more vegetables into the mix. Make them nice so I’ll eat them! And I’m going to try a little delayed gratification. ‘I won’t eat that biscuit right now. I’ll have it a little later with a coffee and my book. I won’t have my pudding right now, when I’m full, but will have it later when I’m beginning to ferret around the kitchen for something to munch.”

These things won’t change the world, but they may stop me going up another clothe size!


  1. Gaye

    Kirsty please get well soon. I am like that, full of good intent, lost a stone in 1st lockdown… 2nd one.. and all gone to rats! Put 8lbs back on and now back to square one. Why do we do it? Lessons? Yep persist! Don’t get lazy, go for that walk, pic up that camera, do that drawing.. life is passing by.. xx God blessx

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