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Does a blank piece of paper scare you? It used to paralyse me. What if what I did with the piece of paper wasn’t good enough? What if I spoiled it or wasted it? There were so many half finished stories, paragraphs or even sentences, that began and then simply trailed off. What if all I could think of to do with my beautiful piece of paper was to write a list of things to do? 

I often write lists, I like lists but also now I love the emptiness of the blank page, a new document, a space waiting to be filled. 

What changed? Everyday we face our fears, every day they become less scary, rationalised into submission or dragged into the light. Everyday I care less what others think, though I do still care a lot. And now the words that were piled up around me, so many of them that I was surprised by their depth and weight, have found a way to fly. 

Anyway, it’s a start.

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