Little Things
Little Things

Little Things

Saturday 16th December 2023

While cooking and wrapping and cleaning and decorating I am also making dolls clothes for my granddaughter’s Christmas present. I didn’t make the doll, just her outfit. And I probably need to go up a size as they are a little tight on her. And aforementioned granddaughter is far too young to be following my blog, so I won’t be spoiling her surprise.

It’s fiddly, and making up is so time consuming, sewing on buttons, sewing in ends, but the end product is lovely. I can kind of see why people enjoy dolls houses. I keep buying espresso cups because they are so so perfect! Wrens, tiny cakes, tiny presents, model trains, model traction engines. Most tiny things need a great deal of skill to do well. So here’s to all things miniature. Just can’t get a good link here to the books. But please buy, read, enjoy and have a lovely run up to Christmas. Joy in small packets, liberally sprinkled throughout the remaining days.

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