Making Connections
Making Connections

Making Connections

2nd July 2023

We have a new water feature. It arrived, after much delay, while we were away. I was very excited.

So I connected the pump, made sure it was level, cleaned out and refilled the reservoir and set it going. It was lovely. The water slowly filled to the top and then began to spill over, just as planned. We turned it off, so we could continue re-arranging the pebbles! We watched, not exactly in horror but in dismay, as the water drained away, back down the inlet pipe, flooding the reservoir and the land around. After some thought, I decided we needed a non-return valve, a check valve. Without too much trouble we got one of those. Only the connecting pipe was slightly too big, but I did have a short piece of a smaller diameter, that with a bit of glue would do the trick. Now all I needed was a pipe reducer connector. I found one, but I needed two! So I spent a fruitless hour visiting all our local hardware stores. Nothing doing. I had to resort to online. What with the glue and this pipe reducer, I shan’t be able to get it all fixed up until next Thursday!

Best laid plans and all that. These pipe connectors are PVC, and cost £2 but if you haven’t got the right size you are up a gum tree. It’s the connections that count and perhaps working out what you really need before you get started!

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