Saturday 11th June 22
Saturday 11th June 22

Saturday 11th June 22

Space to think has come with retirement. We watch our own children and wonder how we ever managed to juggle jobs, school/activities and church. There was certainly no time to think, to mither, to ponder.

And I thought that with this space I would dive into the depths, lots of deep and meaningful notions, even flights of fancy. But in fact mostly its things like, is it time for coffee yet? When is wine o’clock? Have you taken your pills today!?

As you get older your priorities change and though there is more time it seems to go faster and some things seem less important. Space to think is a luxury, a joy but I’m not sure we’re yet old enough or wise enough to know what a blessing it really is.

Mike after breakfast, in Vouvray. Not a deep thought to be seen anywhere.

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