25th September 2021 Unimaginative Imagination!
25th September 2021 Unimaginative Imagination!

25th September 2021 Unimaginative Imagination!

I have a lot of imagination. Everyone has some, but mine tends to be in technicolour. Ask me to picture a scene and I can add in the details: the colour of the sky, the sort of trees, the state of the sea etc But ask me what I’d like to do and my mind goes blank. What would be fun or interesting? Where would be a good place to visit? Once, in desperation I gave my husband, for his birthday, a pledge to take him out on 12 dates throughout the year. The first one was already organised, Stonehenge. That’s fine I thought, I’ve got three more weeks to sort something else. As each week passed I began to panic just a little more, which didn’t help at all. I simply couldn’t think of a thing. Then I hoped he wouldn’t notice that he’d only got one of the twelve outings. How can someone with so much imagination have so little when it comes to arranging a simple trip out?

Today we went to Iford Manor, near Bradford on Avon. We walked along the river from Avoncliff, then had lunch in their really lovely tea rooms, walked around the gardens, explored a cider barn, which meant we explored a glass of cider and then returned to the car. It was lovely. The gardens at Iford are Italianate and gorgeous, well tended and colourful. Every so often you could hear the tinkling of water and around the next corner, or in the next alcove there was a tiny fountain, or a rill, or a pool. Lots of interesting stone and statuary and a small cloister. It’s not a huge place but is perfectly formed. Mike organised this in a heartbeat and I loved every moment.

So I guess it’s all about playing to your strengths, or perhaps pandering to your natural laziness. I know which it is really, I’m just not going to admit to it!

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