Monday 17th May, proper weekend blog!
Monday 17th May, proper weekend blog!

Monday 17th May, proper weekend blog!

Ok, I got as far as writing the title yesterday! Full of good intentions. I have a list of things to do today, all niggly annoying things, which would be good to get done but I don’t really want to do. I am already planning a coffee and a sit down, to recover from writing the list! Now the sensible, pro-active me is saying – do them in order of yuckiness. Get the worse one over and done with, then the day will seem lighter and more manageable… Golly that sounds so easy and so sensible! I have thought about it and I’m still going to have a coffee.

Last week I had to have a good look at the new contract for the book. The publisher even sent me a document clearly marking all the changes, but it’s a contract! Contracts are scary and real! So I let it hang over me most of last week. Instead of getting down to it, taking responsibility for it, I left it until the last minute. Anyway, thank goodness, it’s all done now. So book two is nearly contractually sorted. Still working on book three. Still not getting any new sales for book 1, Watching You Fall, but we might have a good title for book 2. I have a good publisher with good ideas!

So I need to bring this to a close and get on with the list! I need to turn my good intentions into actions so that I can then get on with the thing I really want to get on with, which is finishing off book three.

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