Blog 4  Wed 18th December 2019
Blog 4 Wed 18th December 2019

Blog 4 Wed 18th December 2019

Golly, blogging is hard. It feels super self indulgent and I’m only really doing it because the publisher said it was a good idea! Who on earth cares what I think of life, the universe and everything! And I’m also sure it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun. So I’ve decided the only way to do this, is to write about some of the things that are new to me.

Today at my exercise class I did 30 squats while carrying a 10kg weight. This time last year I was still struggling to get out of bed, and my back spasmed with regular monotony. A back spasm locks you up tight and hurts to the point of throwing up. I have cried with frustration and wasted hours and hours lying because sitting was impossible. And there is definitely  no dignity in having your husband put your socks on. 

So now exercise is part of my life. I know I have come late to it and though I find it quite boring I do love rolling out of bed in the morning. I love picking up my grandson, I love just about keeping up with Mike on the steep climbs. And here comes the truism – sometimes you have to work at things before they can happen. Perseverance and all that. I‘m not looking for a gold medal, I’m just loving being reasonably fit. Now are there any other areas of my life that that might apply to!

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